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  • Ken T. (Concrete Polishing) - 8/2013

    “During our 120,000 sq ft Wal-Mart project in Hawaii, we polished (200, 400, and 800) and auto scrubbed 3,000 sq ft last night with 35 gallons of reclaimed water from the night before. We are able to grind faster because we do not need to worry about the excess water. Thank you for bringing this product to the polishing market.”

  • Allegheny (Concrete Polishing) - 1/2013

    “Allegheny has been polishing concrete for the past several years. We currently have six machines cutting and grinding. Without question wet grinding is more economical both with labor and extending the life of the diamonds we use. One negative to wet grinding is the slurry that remains. We've found that GelMaxx takes care of that issue. Simply sprinkle Eco-QUICKgel on a pile of slurry and 20 minutes later we are able to dispose of it as conventional waste. We also have found that we can leave larger piles and deal with them quickly giving us more real estate to polish. Some General Contractors have commented that with GelMaxx, slurry management is not an issue any more as the slurry no longer sticks to their disposal hampers or dumpsters.”

  • MSI Terrazzo Grinding - 08/2012

    "We have used GelMaxx products while polishing Terrazzo. We love the Eco-QUICKgel and how simple it is to use. We simply broadcast Eco-QUICKgel over the terrazzo slurry then squeegee it into a pile. After about 5-10 minutes the waste is solidified and we can throw it away in the dumpster. Eco-QUICKgel is defiantly a great product."

  • Strait-Line Cutting and Coring-06/2012

    "I have used the GelMaxx products on countless coring and cutting jobs. I can proudly say that Eco-QUICKgel is a wonderful product to use. Eco-QUICKgel allows me to solidify my slurry waste and throw it away in the job site dumpster. By using this product I can say that I save a lot of money and time".

  • Pro Green Concrete Polishing - 05/2012

    "The GelMaxx products help our company greatly. With AQUAmaxx we are now able to reuse the clean water from what would have been waste water back into our grinders. We no longer have to worry about maintaining a constant water source at the job-site. When we are done we love using Eco-QUICKgel to solidify the remains of slurry for fast disposal."