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Drywall & Painting

The drywall and painting industry has been growing rapidly over the past 30 years. The industry has been challenged to help reduce the contaminants going down our city drains and into our soil. Waste water can be challenging to dispose of safely. Slurry water created during the cleaning process of drywall or painting tools and equipment is highly regulated and has substantial fines if not disposed properly.

As the EPA begins to enforce ground water pollution, regulations will be under much scrutiny. The only option available until now has been costly drywall or paint washout bins rented out to the job site for cleaning tools and equipment.

Now with Gelmaxx ECO-QUICKgel, you can clean up your tools quickly and effectively without the worry of contaminants going into our drains or into the soil. The ECO-QUICKgel solidifies the wastewater and allows you to simply dispose of the solid into any trash receptacle. Once solidified, the wastewater is fully biodegradable, eco-friendly and compliant with EPA regulations. This will eliminate the need for you to rent or purchase the drywall or paint tool wash out services, while keeping time and extra overhead to a minimum, and allowing you to cleaning your own tools and equipment effectively while eliminating waste water completely.