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To see all of our Gelmaxx videos, please visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/gelmaxxusa 


Slurry Clean Up Demo

This video highlights the use of GelMaxx ECO-QUICKgel on a grinding and polishing project.


ECO-QUICKgel - Slurry Solidifying Solutions

ECO-QUICKgel can absorb liquid solids into a safe material that can be diposed of immediately. ECO-QUICKgel meets the EPA Method 9095B paint filler test and EPA regulations for proper disposal methods. 20 grams per gallon of treated material will create a gel like substance within minutes that is safe to disposed of in a standard waste container. The construction industry is faced with the increasing regulation for slurry waste water and compliant disposal is at the top of the list. ECO-QUICKgel can reduce the liability and the cost for slurry water disposal.

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AQUAMaxx - Slurry Water Separating Solutions

AQUAMaxx is a proprietary blend with special additives that will separate suspended solids from processed slurry water. It separates the solids within seconds. This powerful material will reduce the amount of slurry waste by removing the usable water. This water can be reused back into the job site machinery. It only takes 2 to 4 grams of AQUAmaxx per gallon of slurry. The water can be treated for pH balance and disposed or recycled back into the jobsite machinery. It easy to use and requires no special machinery to do the job.

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Johnny Hurst describes how the Gelmaxx cleanup system has been beneficial to him on his jobsites.


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When you draw a line of ECO-QUICKgel parallel to the cut, it creates a small barrier that traps the slurry water from spreading out. 

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By drawing a ring of ECO-QUICKgel around the coring blade, it stops the slurry water from spreading throughout the worksite and keeps it confined in one area. No mess. Easy clean-up.

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Wall Sawing

Johnny Hurst demonstrates how ECO-QUICKgel can help keep your worksite clean from slurry waste water from spreading everywhere.

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Concrete Polishing

Watch how Gelmaxx's two step approach allows you to do wet polish without the mess while saving you time and labor. 

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Using Vacuums

Gelmaxx has teamed up with Ermator to create an easy and efficient slurry cleanup system. Prime your Ermator W2000 with AQUAmaxx for maximum water reclaimation, and reuse that water during the work process. When the job is finished, vacuum up some ECO-QUICKgel to solidify the slurry inside the vacuum. There is no need to mix the product or scoop it up. Below, we have videos that demosntrate the process for small and large job applications. 

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