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Please visit our distributor websites or call for more information about the GelMaxx products. 

For International Distributors, please view our International Distributors page.


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Name: Alaska Pro Finish
Contact: Forrest
Area: Anchorage, Alaska
Phone: 907-351-9781
Email: akprofinish@gmail.com 



Name: Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc.
Contact: Sales
Area: Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: (623) 465-4572
Web: www.rdtusa.com
Email: info@reditoo.com



Name: 4 State Decorative Concrete Supply
Contact: Cameron
Area: Springdale, AR.
Phone: (479) 717-2229
Web: www.4statedecorativeconcretesupply.com
Email: office@4stateconcretesupply.com



Name: Muller Construction Supply
Area: San Jose, CA
Phone: (408) 279-7050
Web: www.mullerconstructionsupply.com 
Email: info@mullerconstructionsupply.com


Name: O.E.S. Equipment
Contact: Irene Rios
Area: Fremont, CA
Phone: (510) 284-1900
Web: www.oesonline.com
Email: irener@oesonline.com 

Name: California Diamond Products
Contact: Doug
Area: Sacramento, Ca
Phone: (916) 454-4725
Web: www.cdpsales.com

Name: Jon-Don Anaheim
Area: Anaheim, CA
Phone: (855) 738-6640
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com

Name: Jon-Don San Diego
Area: San Diego, CA
Phone: (800) 201-5313
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com

Name: Jon-Don Union City
Area: Union City, CA
Phone: (800)941- 3148
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com


Name: Bobcat of the Rockies
Area: Commerce City, CO
Phone: (303) 288-6603
Web: www.bobcatoftherockies.com

Name: Jon-Don 
Area: Denver, CO
Phone: (800) 201- 4924
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com


Name: Jon-Don 
Area: St. Petersburg, FL
Phone: (800)201-6313
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com


Name: Elite- Crete Systems Florida 
Area: Cape Coral, FL
Phone: (239)349-0076
Web: www.elitecrete.com
Email: info@elitecrete.com 


Name: Jon-Don Atlanta
Area: Norcross, GA
Phone: (800) 941-3260 | (770) 234-0054
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com 


Name: Cleaning Warehouse Inc.
Area: Kahului, HI 
Contact: Matt Sharman 
Phone: (808)873-7077 
Web: www.cwmaui.com



Name: Coleman Moore Company
Area: Des Moines, IA
Contact: Mike Coleman
Phone: (515) 309-5577
Web: www.colemanmoorecompany.com


Name: Hank's Specialties
Area:  Cedar Rapids, IA 
Phone: (319) 298-8950 
Web: www.hanksspec.com

Name: Hank's Specialties
Area:  Urbandale, IA 
Phone: (515) 270-7028 
Web: www.hanksspec.com


Name: Hank's Specialties
Area:  Cedar Falls, IA 
Phone: (319) 553-0101
Web: www.hanksspec.com



Name: Jon-Don Chicago
Area: Roselle, IL
Phone: (800) 936-3520 | (630) 872-5401
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com


Name: Multiple Concrete Accessories
Area: Chicago, IL
Phone: (773)377-7491
Web: www.multipleconcrete.com



Name: Jobsite Supply
Contact: Jason Kirkby
Area: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 684-7474
Web: www.jobsitesupply.com



Name: Eastern Site Supply
Area: Winchester, MA.
Phone: (781) 729-1300
Web: www.easternsitesupply.com



Name: Concrete Central 
Area: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Contact: Jim
Phone: (616)475-8800



Name: Esch Construction Supply, Inc
Area: St. Paul, MN
Contact: Chase Hendrickson
Phone: (651) 487-1880
Web: www.eschsupply.com
Email: contact@eschsupply.com



Name: Jon-Don 
Area: EarthCity , MO
Phone: (800) 941-3197
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com


Name: MaCon Supply
Contact: Chuck Eskro
Area: Missoula, MT
Phone: (406) 543-5217
Web: www.maconsupply.net
Email: chucke@maconsupply.net


Name: Hank's Specialties
Area: Omaha, NE 
Phone: (402) 331-3300 
Web: www.hanksspec.com

Name: Hank's Specialties
Area: Lincoln, NE 
Phone: (402) 438-6600
Web: www.hanksspec.com


New Mexico

Name: G&H Specialty Concrete
Area: Albuquerque, NM
Phone: (505) 821-9173
Web: www.ghspecialtyconcrete.com
Email: info@ghspecialtyconcrete.com

Name: Concrete Polishing HQ
Area: Las Cruces, NM
Phone: 1-888-799-2747
Web: www.concretepolishinghq.com   

New Hampshire

Name: Jon-Don New Hampshire
Area: Salem, NH
Phone: (800) 542-8090
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com



North Dakota 

Name: Hank's Specialties
Area:  Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 282-2692
Web: www.hanksspec.com

Name: Hank's Specialties
Area:  Bismarck, ND
Phone: (701) 222-7500
Web: www.hanksspec.com


Name: Moon Decorative Concrete
Area: Oklahoma City, OK.
Phone: (888) 848-0059
Web: www.moondecorative.com



Name: Jon-Don 
Area: Portland, Or.
Phone: (800) 622-7629
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com



Name: Jon-Don 
Area: Langhorne, PA
Phone: (800) 201-5468
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com

South Dakota

Name: Hank's Specialties
Area: Sioux Falls, SD 
Phone: (605) 332-7376
Web: www.hanksspec.com

Name: Hank's Specialties
Area: Rapid City, SD 
Phone: (605) 721-9519
Web: www.hanksspec.com


Name: Southern Industrial Supply
Area: Nashville, Tennessee 
Phone: (877)202-3820
Web: www.southern-industrial.com



Name: Aramsco
Area: Dallas, TX
Phone: (214) 689-2110
Web: www.aramsco.com


Name: Jon-Don 
Area: Garland, TX
Phone: (800) 936-3512
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com




Name: Astrof Concrete Hardware
Contact: Jim "JJ" Johnson
Area: Everett, WA
Phone: (425) 327-2700
Web: www.astrof-concrete-hardware.com
Email: jj@formrentals.com


Name: Jon-Don 
Area: Seattle, WA
Phone: (800) 622-2624
Web: www.jondon.com
Email: support@jondon.com


Name: Hank's Specialties 
Area: Eau Claire, WI
Phone:(715) 832-8922

Name: Hank's Specialties 
Area: La Crosse, WI
Phone:(608) 881-7537

Name: Interstate Sawing Inc.
Contact: Duke Long
Area: West Bend, WI
Phone:(262) 334-7522
Email: we-saw-it@interstatesawing.com

Name: All Star Cutting & Coring, LLC
Contact: Tom Tennessen
Area: Kaukauna, WI
Phone: (920) 462-4176
Web: www.allstarconcretecutters.com
Email: tom@allstarconcretecutters.com 

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