Makeover at Charlotte rescue missionAt this year's Concrete Decor Show, they wanted to do more than put on a regular show. These concrete conventions gather industry leaders together to show off their new products and techniques. However, rather than creating pieces that will be tossed in the landfill, everyone at the Concrete Décor show decided to give back to the community.

Charlotte Rescue Mission has such a positive impact on the city because they reach out to the homeless and those fighting addiction. Founded in 1938, the rescue mission has been meaning to fix the stairs and redo the concrete floors in the recreation area, but lack of funds to do so. Thus, steps in the Concrete Décor Show.  

The two organizations have teamed up to help revitalize the men’s program known as Rebound. Gelmaxx and the other concrete exhibitors will help create freshly stained floors, restore the gym with a polished basketball court, and numerous other projects. Since this is a convention that focuses on decorative concrete, you can expect their work to be more than just ordinary. They are taking out all the stops to provide an amazing place for the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Click HERE to see more photos from the project. 

The Concrete Décor Show officially kicks off tomorrow, so most of the work at the mission must be completed by today. In order to help speed up the process, that’s where Gelmaxx comes in. Our two step approach with the AQUAmaxx separator and ECO-QUICKgel solidifier has really kept the projects clean and time efficient. Rather than wasting time fetching water, AQUAmaxx separates the clean water to reuse in your machines. And instead of using extra manpower to help polish the floors, their services can be used in more important areas since the ECO-QUICKgel makes it easier to complete.

Make sure to watch the video above. You can see Skip and Jason representing Gelmaxx throughout the segment.

There is quite a bit of work going into the Charlotte Rescue Mission, about $250,000 amount of work actually. That figure ranges from the products and supplies included in each project to the labor involved. The rescue mission has such a positive impact on the community that we hope our concrete contributions make as big of an impact on their Rebound program.

To read more about what Gelmaxx will be doing at the Concrete Décor Show, click HERE

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