Grinding and Polishing Concrete CountertopsAs more and more homeowners are looking to renovate their homes, they want to upgrade to luxurious concrete countertops. Whether done professionally or at home, the process remains the same: create the mold, cast the concrete, and polish the countertop.

In order to give concrete that smooth finish, contractors grind the surface with water. However, as the water combines with the concrete particles, it creates slurry wastewater that is illegal to just dump down the drain or leave on the ground.

By using our ECO-QUICKgel slurry solidifier, it quickly turns the slurry into a dry material that is safe to dispose directly into any standard trash can. There are multiple methods to apply ECO-QUICKgel while grinding your concrete countertop.

  1. Collect all the slurry water into a container and pour & mix ECO-QUICKgel until completely solidified.
  2. Pour some ECO-QUICKgel into the trough that the wastewater will flow into to start the solidification process. Once the job is complete, add more ECO-QUICKgel if necessary.
  3. Draw a line of ECO-QUICKgel around the grinding area to create a water barrier. As you grind, the wastewater will stay within the confines of the border you have created. Clean up is as easy as sweeping up and tossing it in the trash.

Although some may prefer granite, concrete countertops have really been on the rise. With concrete, it is much easier to mold the perfect countertop by designing where drain boards, sinks, etc. will be placed. By mixing pigments and aggregates into the concrete, it can mimic the beauty of granite.

As concrete countertops continue to take center stage, concrete grinding is necessary to reveal that lustrous shine. Taking that necessary step to handle the slurry wastewater is not complicated with Gelmaxx. Handle your slurry like a pro.